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Avian Cycle

Avian CR5 DB

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1310 Grams

Lighter than many flagship wheels like LW etc, despite the increase of rim width and flange size this year.

Carbon Spoke
2.7 Grams/265mm. Nearly 50% lighter and 25% stiffer than the best of steel spokes. Aero shape and individually repairable.

Paint Free Rim
With paint free technology and high proportion of T800, new CR5 DB rim is wider but lighter than before. 28mm external width, 21mm internal, to achieve significant improvement in cruising speed.

Ratchet System
Stable and easy to maintain by changing ratchet ring inside.

Ensuring similar tension of drive and non-drive side for stiffer riding feedback. Spoke is unlikely to loosen in 2:1 system too.

Aero Shape
Instead of seeking extreme weight, hub is aero shape which is in line with trend. 26mm wide rim for aero performance and control. 

Oversize Flange
Increase the stiffness and stability by changing spoke length and angle.

Rim: Avian CR5 DB
Brake Type: Disc Brake
Tyre Type: Clincher/Tubeless
Width: 28MM
Height: 45/55MM
Weight: 1310/1390 Grams
Spoke: Aero Carbon
Bearing: Steel
Holes: 21/21
Compatibility: Thru Axle Center Lock
Warranty: 1 Year(Rim&Hub)