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Avian Cycle

Avian CR4 DB

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About CR4 DB
Lighter than carbon spoke.

T800 Rim
75% T800 mixed.
Ensuring similar tension of drive and non-drive side for stiffer riding feedback. Spoke is unlikely to loosen in 2:1 system too.
Ratchet System
Improved stability and power transfer by ratchet system.
No external hole design. The continuous structure make the rim stronger and stiffer. Rim tape is not needed and thus saves another 50 grams in use.
Sapim CX-Ray
Super light and aero. One of the best spoke on earth.
Sapim Secure Lock
Secure Lock nipple prevents the self rotation of spoke in long use. Less likely to loosen and ran-out.

Rim: Avian CR4 DB
Brake Type: Disc Brake
Tyre Type: Clincher/Tubeless
Axle Type: Thru Axle
Disc Type: Center Lock
Width: 25MM
Height: 45mm
Weight: 1290G
Spoke: Sapim CX-Ray
Nipple: Sapim Secure Lock
Hub: Avian R270
Holes: 21/21
Warranty: 1 Year(Rim&Hub)